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The Radio Cosmology Research Laboratory for Radio Astronomy is located at Block B, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya. The lab was founded by Prof. Dr. Zamri Zainal Abidin and Dr. Zainol Abidin Ibrahim in 2005 and is the first and, currently, the only radio astronomical laboratory facility in Malaysia. The ‘Radio Lab’, as it was called then, is now officially a research group in University of Malaya.

Phone= +03-7967 4299
Email= zzaa@um.edu.my

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An Optical Astronomy Research Laboratory (OpARL) is one of the research laboratories under the Department of Physics, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. This laboratory was created in October 1998 by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Zambri Zainuddin. At that time the laboratory only has a senior lab assistant and a few final year project students. The equipment that is used was donated by an association from Japan and three manual telescopes and a 14” Celestron telescope.

Phone= +03-7967 4100
Email= labangkasaum@gmail.com

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The Theoretical Physics Research Group's research interests span from the smallest particle up to the largest structure in the universe. Established by Honorary Professor Hasan Abu Kassim focusing on the theoretical low energy nuclear physics and now superseded by Dr. Norhasliza Yusof starting from November 2021. We expand our current research to the theoretical astrophysics and neutrino astrophysics particularly in evolution of massive stars. We developed several codes and collaborating with international instrituition for our current on-going project.

Phone= +03-7967 4238
Email= nohaslizay@um.edu.my

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Last Update: 12/04/2023