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Applied Physics Laboratory

SIF2011 Applied Physics Practical is designed in such a way as a preparation module prior to the Final Year Project. Students are trained to perform hands-on experiments using concepts in solid state physics, optics, materials science, radiation and plasma physics.   

Electronics Physics Laboratory

SIF2009 Electronics Physics Laboratory offers various kind of electronic experiments which cover the topics diode, rectification, transistor, amplifier, digital electronic and others.

First Year Physics Laboratory

This laboratory offers various kind of first year physics experiment which covers the topics mechanics, direct current, alternating current and optics. 

Fundamental Physics Laboratory

The Fundamental Physics Laboratory is the location where the course SIF2010 Practical Physics 2 (formally known as SMES2171 Fundamental Physics Practical) is being taught. This course focuses on experiments done to teach concepts of fundamental physics in various filed such as Modern Physics, Light and Optics, Electricity and Magnetism. 

Material Science Physics

This lab is a practical lab to train hands-on skill for Materials Science Program’s undergraduate. The lab is equiped with sophisticated equipments to fulfill the learning outcomes in courses of Materials Science Laboratory Level 1 and Materials Science Laboratory Level 2. 

Space Physics Laboratory

SIF3015  course will expose students on how to use a telescope and theodolite  to determine the direction of Kibla and appearance of the new moon and also the introduction of SLR and CCD camera system for the purpose of recording the position of the moon and also took pictures of the new moon. Photographic techniques are taught so that students know the basics of taking photographs through a telescope. 

SIF1031 course consists of experiments that are mostly light-based and optical devices such as mirror lenses. There are also measurement and calculation errors as well as parallax experiments in astronomy.

Last Update: 23/08/2022