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Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics (CTCP) started alongside the founding of Department of Physics, Universiti Malaya in the early 1960s, spear-heading theoretical research in mathematical physics, elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, solid state physics, laser and plasma physics. Over the years, many of these theoretical research activities have become the founding stones to the research centers at the Department of Physics, that have grown in strength and capabilities in experimental physics. CTCP continues to evolve to accommodate contemporary theoretical and computation research topics at the frontiers of physics, chemical physics, physical biology and complex systems, utilizing novel mathematical techniques and computer simulations. Currently, CTCP has 8 academic members and about 10-15 (MSc + PhD) active postgraduate and undergraduate final year students, exploring diverse research in 5 thrust areas, namely Stochastic and Quantum Dynamics, Condensed Matter Theory and Simulation, Theoretical Nuclear and Astrophysics, Computational Biochemistry and  Chemical Physics, Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science.

Theoretical Physics is only bounded by the experimental limitation at one end and the imagination of human mind on the other, i.e. Experimental Reality < Theoretical Physics < Imagination ~ Infinity. Aided by new computational tools and interdisciplinary approaches, CTCP members are also duty bound to contribute new insights into many real world challenges, where theoreticians are akin to the ‘first responders’ to elucidate the problems.


CTCP focuses on 5 thrust research areas:
  • Stochastics and Quantum Dynamics (Transport phenomena in classical and quantum systems including random media, noisy quantum walk, quantum channels & physics of information, fractional calculus, atomic scattering theory, quantum Ising model, tensor network).
  • Condensed Matter Theory & Simulation (modelling the mechanical, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of complex materials, phase transition, mean field theory, Landau-Ginzburg theory).
  • Theoretical Nuclear & Astrophysics (properties of exotic nuclei, nuclear structures, nuclear reactions, stellar dynamics, exotic stars, neutron stars).
  • Computational Biochemistry and Chemical Physics (structural properties and binding dynamics of complex molecules, protein binding, molecular disease modelling and drugs design, Monte Carlo simulation, molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry).
  • Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science (fractal geometry, chaos and nonlinear dynamics, fuzzy system, complex signals analytics (bioacoustics, physiological time series, fractal noise & fluctuations, image spatial statistics and random field simulation), ant colony optimization, complex network analysis, mycelium communication network).


Head of Centre
Prof. Dr. Sithi V Muniandy
Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Universiti Malaya.
Email: msithi@um.edu.my

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Last Update: 13/09/2022