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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

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Study and Research Structure Topics Offered

  1. ASTRONOMY (Astrophysics, Cosmology, Massive Stars, Black Hole, Solar Physics, Moon Crescent Sightings, Binary Stars, Asteroid Research).
  2. HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS (Elementary Particle, Colliders, Detectors, High Intensity Physics).
  3. MATERIAL SCIENCES (Ionics: Polymer Electrolytes Rechargeable Batteries, Pigments and Coatings, Supercapacitors, Solar Cells).
  4. SOLID STATE PHYSICS (Organic Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Device Fabrication, Semiconductor Nanostructures and Thin Films).
  5. THEORETICAL AND COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS (Stochastics and Quantum Dynamics Condensed Matter Theory and Simulation, Theoretical Nuclear & Astrophysics, Computational Biochemistry and Chemical Physics, Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science).
  6. PLASMA (Plasa Focus, Vacuum Spark, Exploding Wire Experiment, Pulsed Capillary Discharge, Dusty Plasma and RF Discharge, Dielectric Barrier Discharge).
  7. QUANTUM AND LASER (Quantum Optics and Quantum Communications, Nonclassical Light and Novel Lassers).
  8. RADIATION (Radiation and Medical Physics, Dosimetry, Applied Radiation and Nuclear Physics).
  9. PHOTONICS (Optical Communication Devices, Optical Fiber Sensors, Ultrafast Fiber Lasers, 2um Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers , 2D Materials For Photonic Application, Planar Light Wave Circuit, Plasmonics).
  10. Other physics related topics (Kindly contact any of the academic staff).

Last Update: 20/09/2022