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Plasma Technology Research Centre (PTRC)



The Plasma Technology Research Centre is formerly known as the Plasma Research Laboratory, University of Malaya. It is one of the active research groups in the Department of Physics, University of Malaya. The emphasis of the research work is on the physics and applications of various plasma devices. Our mission is to develop Malaysia own cost effective plasma technology.

Research Scope

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Researchers: Professor Dr. Wong Chiow San, Dr. Yap Seong Ling, Mr Jasbir Singh
Postgraduates: Ngoi Siew Kien, Lim Lian Kuang, Lee Ming Chuan, Muhammad Zubair Khan

UNU-ICTP plasma focus device
with maximum input energy of 3.3kj
Small plasma focus device with 600 J maximum input energy


A dense plasma focus (DPF) is a plasma device that produces a pulse of hot and dense plasma. The plasma produces is so hot and dense that it can emit various radiation such as X-ray and particle beams. The plasma is formed by the electromagnetic acceleration and compression. It was invented in the early 1960s by J.W. Mather and also independently by N.V. Filippov. The researchers in the center are working on the plasma focus system as pulsed neutron, X-ray and ion beam source for material surface modification.

Researchers: Professor Dr. Wong Chiow San, Dr. Yap Seong Ling, Mr Jasbir Singh
Postgraduates:Solmaz Saboohi, Ngoi Siew Kien

Vacuum Spark


In the vacuum spark concept, a capacitor is discharged through two properly shaped electrodes, made of selected materials, in a vacuum. This high current discharge produces intense pulsed hard X-rays. The interest of the researcher here is applying the device as X-ray/EUV sources for Next Generation Lithography

Researchers:Professor Dr. Wong Chiow San, Dr. Yap Seong Ling, Mr Jasbir Singh
Postgraduates:Lee Yen Sian

Wire Exploding Device


A wire explosion in gas can be used for manufacturing nanostructure metal powder. It is conducted by providing a chamber filled with inert gas, feeding a metal wire into the chamber, electrically exploding and vaporizing the metal wire inside the chamber using pulsed power, and collecting the nanostructure metal powder produced that is cooled and condensed by inert gas. The interest of the group is applying the method for nanopowder technology

Researchers: Professor Dr. Wong Chiow San, Associate Professor Dr. Chin Oi Hoong, Dr. Yap Seong Ling, Mr Jasbir Singh
Postgraduates:Siti Aishiah, Farah Nadia Dayana, Tay Wee Horng, Choo Chee Yee

Dielectric Barrier Discharge with parallel electrodes


Dielectric-barrier discharge (DBD) is the electrical discharge between two electrodes separated by an insulating dielectric barrier. The process normally uses high voltage alternating current, ranging from lower RF to microwave frequencies. The research interest of the center is to operate the device as gaseous chemical reactor for exhaust gas remediation and also for material surface treatment.

Researchers: Professor Dr. Wong Chiow San, Dr. Yap Seong Ling, Mr Jasbir Singh
Postgraduates:Chan Li San, Daryl Tan

Pulsed Capillary Discharge Device


A pulsed capillary discharge system is basically a Z-pinch discharge restricted to occur within a small diameter capillary channel. The plasma in the capillary discharge is known to produce X-ray and EUV emission. The research group in the center is working on the device as X-ray/EUV sources for Next Generation Lithography

Researchers: Professor Dr. Wong Chiow San, Professor Dr. Sithi Vinayakam A/L Muniandy, Dr. Yap Seong Ling, Mr Jasbir Singh
Postgraduates:Siti Sarah, Chew Wei Xiang

Dusty plasma device


Dusty plasma is a plasma containing nanometer or micrometer-sized particles suspended in it. Dust particles may be charged. Dusty plasmas are interesting because the presence of particles significantly alters the charged particle equilibrium leading to different phenomena. The interest of the group is the studies of plasma waves which is related to astrophysical phenomena.

Researchers: Professor Dr. Wong Chiow San, Associate Professor Dr. Chin Oi Hoong, Dr. Ng Kim Hui, Dr. Yap Seong Ling, Mr Jasbir Singh
Postgraduates:Kanesh Kumar

Dusty plasma device


There are two types of inductively couple plasma devices which is the planar and cylindrical geometry. In planar geometry, the electrode is a coil of flat metal wound like a spiral. In cylindrical geometry, it is like a helical spring.
When a time-varying electric current is passed through the coil, it creates a time varying magnetic field around it, which in turn induces electric currents in the working gas, leading to break down and formation of plasmaThe interests of the group in the center are to employ the device for material processing and biomedical material treatment.

Students Projects

Postgraduate Projects (PhD)

  • Pulsed Neutron and Deuterium Beam Source
  • Fractal Analysis of Light Scattering Intensity Fluctuation in Dusty Plasma
  • Simulation and Experimental Study of Radio Frequency Discharge
  • Development of Plasma Sources for Next Generation Lithography (NGL)
  • Radiation Measurement of Plasma Focus
  • Development of Pulse Plasma Devices as Ion Beam Sources for Application in Material Processing

Postgraduate Projects (MSc)

  • Study of Particle Dynamics in Dusty Plasma System Using Stochastic Model
  • Characterization of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Jet for Surface Treatment
  • Development of Pulsed Plasma Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Sources for Nano Lithography

Undergraduate Teaching (Applied Physics Laboratoty)

  • Pulsed Electronics
  • Gas Dynamic Experiment
  • Flash X-ray Experiment
  • Plasma Emission Spectroscopy

Short term attachment and training program
Please write to Pof Madya Dr. Chin Oi Hoong at ohchin@um.edu.my


Associate Professor Dr. Chin Oi Hoong
Head Of PTRC
Department of Physics
UM Expert
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Associate Professor Dr. Yap Seong Ling
Deputy Head Of PTRC
Department of Physics
UM Expert
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Members of PTRC


Professor Dr. Kurunathan A/L Ratnavelu
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science
Email: kuru@um.edu.my
UM Expert
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Professor Dr. Sithi Vanayakam A/L Muniandy
Department of Physics
UM Expert
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Professor Dr. Roslan B. Md Nor
Department of Physics
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Emeritus Professor Dr Wong Chiow San
Department of Physics
Email:cswong@um.edu.my; wongchiowsan@gmail.com
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Emeritus Professor Dr Lee Sing
Department of Pyhsics

Support Staff

Puan Nurhayati Abdul Wahab
Assistant Science Officer
Department of Physics


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The Plasma Technology Research Center has a number of research collaborations with other institutions locally and overseas. We are also actively involved in some of the international organizations. Some of the collaboration institutions are listed here:

Local Collaborations

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  • P. Chatterjee (Visva Bharati University, India)
  • D. Subedi (Kathmandu University, Nepal)
  • Xin Xin Wang (Tsinghua University, China)
  • Mehdi N. Nasrabadi (University of Isfahan, Iran)

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