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Plasma Technology Research Centre (PTRC)

The Plasma Technology Research Centre is formerly known as the Plasma Research Laboratory, University of Malaya. It is one of the active research groups in the Department of Physics, University of Malaya. The emphasis of the research work is on the physics and applications of various plasma devices. Our goal is to develop Malaysia's own cost-effective plasma technology.


To be a globally prominent centre for research and innovation in plasma technology


To pursue scientific research in industrial plasmas, plasma diagnostics and applications

Plasma physics and technology (Physics and diagnostics of industrial plasmas; Inter- and multi- disciplinary plasma applications)


To develop different types of plasma devices in various regimes of operation as well as innovate plasma applications in inter- and multi-disciplinary fields


Industrial Plasmas: Plasma sources (DC, AC, RF and pulsed plasmas at low and atmospheric pressures), Plasma processing and Plasma chemistry

Plasma Diagnostics: Langmuir probe, Spectroscopy, Faraday cup, Magnetic probe, Ion beam detector, Neutron counter, Fast speed imaging

Plasma Applications: Magnetic fusion energy – Dense plasma focus, Synthesis of nanoparticles, Surface modification, Environmental pollution control, Plasma medicine, Plasma thruster

 For more info, please visit:https://sites.google.com/um.edu.my/umptrc/home