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Theoretical Physics Group


The Theoretical Physics Research Group's research interests span from the smallest particle up to the largest structure in the universe. Currently, our group are supported by five academic staff, three research associate and four graduate students. We are situated at thrid floor, Block C in Department of Physics. For current information about the research funding for postgraduate students, please contact individual reseach person in the group.


The Theoretical Physics Research Group's research interests span from the smallest particle up to the largest structure in the world. Here is the list of the current research project in our laboratory: 


Profesor Dr Hasan Abu Kasim
- Application of nuclear reaction rate in the stellar models 
- Nuclear reaction using couple-channel method 
- Nuclear stucture of heavy ion 
- Standard solar model modelling 
- Neutrino production from the stars 
- Evolution of of massive stars 


Professor Dr. Sathi Vinayakam Muniandy
- Fractional Dynamics in Relaxation and Diffusion Phenomena 
- Stochastic Modelling of Fluctuation Dynamics in Dusty Plasma

Academic staff:

Associate Profesor Dr Hasan Abu Kasim
Professor Dr. Sathi Vinayakam Muniandy
Associate Professor Dr Mayeen Uddin Khandaker (Radiation physics) 
Dr. Bijan Nikouravan (Theoretical astrophysics) 

Visiting Research Fellow:

Dr. Abdurahim Okhunov (Nuclear structure in heavy ions) 

Dr Fadhil (Nuclear structure) 


Azni Abdul Aziz (PhD) - Nuclear Reaction Dynamics at Stellar Enviroments 
Anwer Ahmad Mohammed Al-Sammarraie - Nuclear structure 
Norhasliza Yusof (PhD) - Life and Death of Very Massive Stars 
Mohd Lukman Inche Ibrahim (PhD) - Couple-Channel Calculation of Heavy Ion Reaction 
Hamidreza Gharehbaghi (MSc) - Astrophysics & Cosmology 
Nor Sofiah Ahmad (MSc) - Neutrino Energy Losses in Stellar Enviroments 

Graduated Postgraduates:

Zahra Al-Taha Motaha (MSc 2012) - Stellar evolution 
Siti Madiha Muhammad Amir (MSc 2012) - NDT 
Ahmad Nazrul bin Rosli (PhD 2011) - Condensed matter 
Noriza Zabidi (PhD 2011) - Condensed matter 
Azni Abdul Aziz (MSc) - Nuclear Astrophysics 
Anuar Alias (MSc) - Theoretical Physics 
Noriza Ahmad Zabidi (MSc)- Condensed matter 
Norhasliza Yusof (MSc) - Nuclear Astrophysics 
Teh Yee Ling (MSc) - Condensed matter 
Ungku Ferwani Salwa Ungku Ibrahim (MSc) - Neutrino in cosmology 
Wan Mew Bing (MSc) - Theoretical physics 
Yaw Loong Lim (MSc) - Stellar evolution/Standard Solar Model 
Zamri Zainal Abidin (MSc) - Neutrino Physics

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  • Ahmad Nazrul Rosli, Noriza Ahmad Zabidi, Hasan Abu Kassim and Keshav N. Shrivastava. 2011. Ab initio calculation of vibrational frequencies and Raman spectra of barium peroxide glass including comparison of tetrahedral BaO4 with GeO4 and SiO4. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy. Volume 79, Issue 5, September 2011, Pages 1251-1255 (ISI-CitedPublication)
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  • Crowther, Paul A.; Schnurr, Olivier; Hirschi, Raphael; Yusof, Norhasliza; Parker, Richard J.; Goodwin, Simon P.; Kassim, Hasan Abu. 2010. The R136 star cluster hosts several stars whose individual masses greatly exceed the accepted 150Msolar stellar mass limit.MNRAS Volume 408, Issue 2, pp. 731-751. (ISI-Cited Publication)
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Theoretical Physics Laboratory,

Department of Physics,

Faculty of Science,

University of Malaya,

50603, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

or you can e-mail your enquiries to our group members

PhD and MSc Opportunities

Research opportunities in Theoretical Physics Laboratory reflects the broad research interest that we undertake. For more details for research oppurtunity and research topics offer in our lab, please visit our academic staff page. 

The PhD and MSc research project are available throughout the year. For the MSc(Physics) course work, it is offer by the Department of Physics and please contact the group leader, Associate Professor Dr. Hasan Abu Kassim or the head of department for details. 

For registration details, fees and accomodation during your study please visit the Institute of Postgraduate Studies, IPS at this website: http://ips.um.edu.my/.

Undergraduate Project

We offer several topics to our physics undergraduate final year project. The topics that available for this semester are

  • Calculation of nuclear reaction rate in the stars
  • Deformed nuclei
  • Condensed matter modelling using Amsterdam Density Functional (ADF)

  • For other topics that not available here, please contact our academic staff.