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Quantum and Laser Sciences Group

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What we Do?

  1. We develop theoretical and computational capabilities to study the physics of:
    • generation
    • propagation
    • interactions of novel light sources in photonic structures and quantum systems
  2. We also have a powerful Femtosecond Laser to study laser-plasma interactions, manipulate and engineer materials and surfaces


  1. To develop state-of-the art research in quantum optics, optical materials and advanced laser science.
  2. To synergize theoretical, experimental research results with industrial applications.

Remarkable effects/applications of quantum & laser sciences

  • Control optical properties of objects using lasers
  • Slowing of light signal down to few meters per second
  • Atomic clock (ultraprecise) for time/frequency standard
  • Nonclassical light for interferometry(gravitational wave detector)
  • Entanglement for quantum computing and communication
  • Laser spectroscopy for detection of molecular species
  • Control of atomic/molecular processes with laser pulses


The future technological advancement will be driven by quantum photonics, the science and engineering of quantum properties of light and matter.
Our research explores the fundamental properties of light in exotic environments to bring innovation in optical engineering as describe below:

  1. Novel photonic structures for engineering applications - artificially engineered structures can control the properties of electromagnetic waves, providing an ultimate control of light for information processing and imaging.
  2. Generation of intense nonclassical light - nonclassical light can be used for quantum communication and quantum computing, but at high intensity, there are more remarkable applications.
  3. Plasmonic optoelectronics - surface plasmon-polariton is a long-known electron-photon excitation. Recently, the race is on to use this effect for subwavelength imaging and potential revolution in optoelectronic devices.
  4. Left-hand materials - artificially structured materials with negative index can bend the propagation of light, serve as perfect lens and cloaking device.
  5. Laser ablation dynamics in materials such as cornea - photorefractive keratectomy, the technology of using laser pulses to shape human cornea, is based on semi-quantitative understanding of laser ablation dynamics. Our research will transform it to a more exact science.
  6. Optical devices based on quantum effects - quantum effects gave use the present microelectronics. the effects can also produce optical transistor and devices that are hypersensitive to motion.
  7. Nonlinear spectroscopy, imaging or microscopy - Nonlinear optical tecnique can be used to detect any chemical constituents remotely, within seconds. Useful for rapid chemical analysis, imaging of biological tissues, counter-terrorism, surveillance and national security.
  8. Ultrashort, ultrafast, ultraintense light source - advanced laser techniques have produced attosecond laser pulses that can be used to probe molecular dynamics. At extreme intensity, the laser can produce filamentation and plasma in the air. One application is for detection/control of lightning. 
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Results from our femtosecond laser (QLS lab)


Industrial Applications of Femtosecond Laser

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Professor Dr. C.H. Raymond Oii
Department of Physics

PhD Students (Present)

F Mathkoor
Quantum Correlation

Davoud Ghodsi

Relativistic Optic

CK Yap
Superintense Laser
Mohd Redzuan

~Mohsen Amirmojahedi (Iran) - scouring with optical techniques (co-supervise)
~Ahmed Nadi ( Egypt) - intense nonclassical light source
~Mohamed Shafei (Egypt) - high power laser
~Wong Wen-Wei (Malaysia) - ultrashort pulse propagation

PhD Students (Completed)

C. Y. Lee
Nonlinear photonics

Nor H
Quantum optics

P Jha
Quantum coherence (with supervisor Prof M. Scully)

Msc Students

1. Loh Wai Ming - Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy
2. Toh Lee Roy - Atoms and molecules in laser fields
3. Pang Harn Fung

Selected Publications of Prof Dr Raymond Ooi
Researcher ID:  http://www.researcherid.com/rid/B-9461-2010 

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